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Solar Hot Water for Multifamily & Apartment Buildings

Lower hot water bills and go green with solar thermal

Multifamily and apartment building owners often cover the cost of residents’ hot water. Solar hot water systems can reduce water-heating bills, insulate owners from rising fuel prices, and help owners go green by using solar energy, rather than fossil fuels, to heat residents’ water. 

SunWater Solar specializes in solar water-heating systems, and our experienced, knowledgeable staff can help determine what type of system best suits your property. Solar hot water systems drive business value by providing benefits such as:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Compared to other forms of renewable energy, solar thermal is highly economical and efficient. Compared to a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, a solar thermal system of equivalent energy output is almost seven times less expensive.
  • Reduced Emissions: Every day, millions of natural gas-powered water heaters release carbon emissions into our neighborhoods and atmosphere. Solar thermal is a proven technology that heats water with clean solar energy, greatly reducing emissions.
  • Green Marketing: Solar water-heating can help differentiate your property as a leader in the worldwide movement to use renewable energy.

The SunWater Solar Process

  • Site Analysis: We walk your facility, analyze the solar potential and learn what you hope to achieve with solar.
  • Cost & Estimated Savings Proposal: We provide a system cost estimate and an estimate of how much money you can expect the system to save you.
  • Design: We design a state-of the art solar thermal system for your facility.
  • Build: From permitting through commissioning, we manage the details and install a quality product that will benefit you for decades to come.
  • Follow-up: We perform periodic maintenance to keep your system running at maximum efficiency.

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Making hot water from the sun...

SunWater Solar is a design/build company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in solar water heating systems. The company provides these systems for many types of commercial projects. More»

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