Solar Water Heating on the Rise among Multifamily Building Owners

An article in last week’s San Francisco Chronicle did a great job describing the growing trend of multifamily buildings in the U.S. “going green” in various ways, including the adoption of solar water heating. The article describes several factors that are driving the fast growth of green technology use by multifamily buildings. These factors include: […]

Solar Water Heating For Universities

Universities across America and around the world are adopting solar water heating in their efforts to go green, reduce their carbon footprint, and save money.  Solar hot water can be used to supply hot water to dorms, food service facilities, laundries, and sports facilities, all of which use significant quantities of hot water. Appalachian State […]

Multifamily Affordable Housing, Title 24, and Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating is expected to play a larger role in helping buildings exceed California’s Title 24 regulations in 2010.  SunWater Solar is assisting developers exceed Title 24 standards by installing solar hot water systems on multifamily affordable housing projects around the Bay Area, including developments in Palo Alto for Bridge Housing and San Leandro […]

Making hot water from the sun...

SunWater Solar is a design/build company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in solar water heating systems. The company provides these systems for many types of commercial projects. More»

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Thermal For Low Income Housing

Low income housing building owners can currently garner very attractive CSI-T rebates

Storage Strategies

Issue of SolarPro magazine, featuring Justin Weil on cover and SunWater Solar article on solar storage

Solarbration for Solar Pool Heating

SunWater Solar was pleased to be part of the recent Solarbration event at Terra Linda High School in San Rafael CA..

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

SunWater and UC Berkeley are working together to test this Toyota fuel cell vehicle

Advanced Solar Thermal Video

This video showcases solar thermal systems SunWater has recently installed