U.S. Solar Heating and Cooling Alliance Launches

SunWater Solar is proud to be a member of the newly-formed U.S.Solar Heating and Cooling Alliance. The SHC Alliance, with backing from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), states that it “will focus on growing the solar heating and cooling market through reducing barriers and advocating for policies on the federal, state and local levels.” […]

CSI-Thermal Program Expanded to Include Swimming Pools

On October 5, California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2249, expanding the California Solar Initiative-Thermal (CSI-Thermal) incentive program to include non-residential swimming pools. This program expansion should be great news for facilities (in California) that commonly operate commercial pools, such as multifamily and apartment buildings, government and educational facilities, and hotels. Pool heating is […]

Higher CSI-Thermal Rebates for Low Income Multifamily Buildings

Great news from the CSI-Thermal Program Administrators! Administrators announced yesterday that the CSI-Thermal rebate for low income multifamily buildings will increase to $19.23 per therm offset – 150% of the current incentive level ($12.82 per therm offset). The new, higher incentive will take effect March 29, 2012, and makes solar water heating an even more financially attractive proposition […]

28-Collector System Completed for Housing Authority of the City of Alameda

We put out a press release today announcing the completion of a 28-collector system we designed and built for the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda. Here is the text of the press release: RICHMOND, Calif., March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — SunWater Solar today announced the completion of a solar water-heating system installed at […]

The Advantages of Solar Thermal Over Natural Gas for Heating Water

Natural gas has been a popular fuel source in the U.S for well over 100 years. From providing light, to heating homes, to powering entire industries, it has played a major role in the country’s modernization. As long as it can be safely and cleanly extracted and transported to end-users, natural gas should and will […]

A Win-Win For Apartment Building Owners And Tenants

Most people have spent some stretch of time living in an apartment building. If you’ve ever rented an apartment, you know that noisy neighbors, shared laundry machines and crowded conditions can be downsides to apartment life. But having the freedom to move out as soon as a lease ends helps make such inconveniences worthwhile. And […]

Making hot water from the sun...

SunWater Solar is a design/build company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in solar water heating systems. The company provides these systems for many types of commercial projects. More»

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Thermal For Low Income Housing

Low income housing building owners can currently garner very attractive CSI-T rebates

Storage Strategies

Issue of SolarPro magazine, featuring Justin Weil on cover and SunWater Solar article on solar storage

Solarbration for Solar Pool Heating

SunWater Solar was pleased to be part of the recent Solarbration event at Terra Linda High School in San Rafael CA..

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

SunWater and UC Berkeley are working together to test this Toyota fuel cell vehicle

Advanced Solar Thermal Video

This video showcases solar thermal systems SunWater has recently installed